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Dr. Joshua Tepper

On Quebec City

I cannot allow the day to pass without commenting on the terrible tragedy that occurred in Quebec City. It is a horrible event. The killing of families, gathered together in prayer - in a building of sanctuary - it is hard to wrap one's head around.

Sadly, this killing is added to the list of numerous other violent attacks in recent months and years. Some of them I have already spoken of in other messages. But this one, literally, is closer to home. Many of us have been to Quebec City, walked its streets, shared meals there and maybe even engaged in prayer. I suspect in the small country that is Canada, some of us know a member of that community who was killed or injured.

My thoughts go out to all of those impacted directly and indirectly. Let us think about the Muslim communities affected by this brutal attack in Quebec City, but also across Canada, globally and here in Toronto's GTA.

At Health Quality Ontario we believe in better. A better healthcare system, but also better health. Better health, but also a better society.

Better stands for different things and is achieved in different ways. Let us be a place where we find support, and what is better together. Let us be an organization that stands for diversity, respect, kindness and peace - with each other and with everyone we touch each day.

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