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Evidence to Improve Care

Submit a Suggestion for a Quality Standards Topic

In collaboration with clinical experts, patients, residents, and caregivers across the province, we are developing quality standards for Ontario. We are looking for topics where there is potential to make significant improvements in the quality of care in Ontario.

Topics for quality standards are identified through public suggestions, consultations with experts and the identification of emerging health issues.

Considerations for Quality Standard Topic Prioritization

The following considerations will help us identify, select and prioritize topics for quality standards:

  • Are there gaps between current practice in Ontario and optimal care as supported by the evidence?
  • Are there gaps between current outcomes in Ontario and outcomes achieved in other jurisdictions?
  • Are there unwarranted variations in practice or outcomes across regions, institutions, or populations in Ontario?
  • What is the burden of disease and potential for overall health gain in the population or service area?
  • What is the importance of the topic to patients, caregivers, and the public?
  • What is the importance of the topic to the priorities of Health Quality Ontario’s partner organizations, particularly the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care?
  • Does the topic align with Health Quality Ontario’s strategic priorities and areas of focus?
  • Does the topic extend beyond a single sector?
  • Does the topic affect more than one profession?
  • Is good evidence available to support the development of quality statements?

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