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Quality Improvement

Ontario General Medicine Quality Improvement Network

The General Medicine Quality Improvement Network wordmark

This network brings general medicine physicians and care teams together to learn new ways to improve their patient care and to reduce variation in care. It also helps to address provincial priorities such as hallway health care.

The network provides resources to help members implement change initiatives within their hospital division, and the chance to learn from others across the province.

Specifically, it helps members:

  • Use their data to identify opportunities for quality improvement

  • Get ideas and strategies to improve care

  • Be quality improvement leaders in their hospitals

  • Be connected with other general internal medicine physicians and hospital teams

Physicians within the network can receive confidential MyPractice: General Medicine Reports that show their care patterns, outline their patient outcomes, and provide comparative data from their division. These reports can also support divisional improvement efforts.

The network’s goal is to expand to all hospitals across the province to accelerate the spread of quality improvement initiatives that result in better care for patients.

For information on joining the General Medicine Quality Improvement Network, please email

Tools and Resources

Learn more about your practice with a confidential MyPractice: General Medicine report that includes personalized data, along with suggestions to support you in improving care for your patients.

What’s in the Report?

  • Practice and hospital-level data so you can see your care patterns and how they relate to those of your peers (e.g., patient length of stay, 7-day and 30-day readmissions, use of advanced imaging tests)

  • Practical tools and resources to help improve patient outcomes and their quality of care

For more information, please visit the MyPractice: General Medicine Report web page, or contact us at

Community of Practice

The General Medicine Quality Improvement Network Community of Practice hosts monthly calls for members to hear from subject matter experts, share resources, and connect with members.

In addition to monthly calls, the General Medicine Quality Improvement Network Community of Practice is on Quorum, an online community dedicated to improving the quality of health care.

This group is intended to help network members connect to exchange knowledge and best practices with peers across the province.

Join through Quorum. (You’ll need to register for a Quorum account if you don’t already have one.)


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