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Hand Washing by Hospital Care Providers

This indicator measures compliance by hospital care providers with best practices for washing hands with soap and running water or cleaning hands with antibacterial gel. A higher percentage is better. Results are based on audits using direct observation of hand hygiene practices, or on electronic monitoring of hand hygiene compliance.

For hospitals where direct observation was used, two results are reported separately, one for compliance before patient contact and one for after. For hospitals where electronic monitoring was used, one result is reported that measures overall compliance on all the occasions when hand hygiene should have been performed.

Toronto East Health Network - Michael Garron Hospital ×


Hand washing compliance rate


of opportunities where providers
should and did wash their hands

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Percentage of hand washing by hospital care providers, by hospital, 2021/22
2021/22010203040506070809010045.6Fiscal YearPercent
Toronto East Health Network - Michael Garron Hospital
2021/22 45.6


Data source: The Self Reporting Initiative, Health Analytics Branch, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. For more information, please visit the Indicator Library.

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