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Quality Improvement

MyPractice: General Medicine

For general medicine physicians at hospitals participating in the General Medicine Quality Improvement Network.

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Learn more about your practice with a confidential report that includes personalized data, along with suggestions to support you in improving care for your patients.

The MyPractice: General Medicine report is part of Ontario Health’s provincial strategy to support quality improvement in general medicine. These MyPractice reports, along with the General Medicine Quality Improvement Network, address important provincial priorities, including hallway health care.

What’s in the Report?

  • Practice and hospital-level data, so you can see your care patterns and how they relate to those of your peers (e.g., patient length of stay, 7-day and 30-day readmissions, use of advanced imaging tests)

  • Practical tools and resources to support improvement and help improve health outcomes and the quality of patient care

See our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Sample Report

A MyPractice: General Medicine sample report is available here.

General Medicine Quality Improvement Network

A community of general medicine teams from hospitals in Ontario dedicated to improving care for better patient outcomes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The MyPractice: General Medicine report will include practice patterns about your patients:

  • Length-of-stay

  • 7-day readmission

  • 30-day readmission

  • Routine bloodwork

  • Advanced imaging

  • Appropriate blood transfusion

You will also be able to see your practice’s data in relation to the collective data of your peers in your hospital’s division. This report is designed to help you reflect on your practice patterns and includes change ideas for both you and your team.

Your MyPractice report will be sent to your hospital-affiliated email account to ensure confidentiality. In cases where the hospital’s division has requested the report, the division lead may also receive a copy of your report to support quality improvement initiatives in the division.

It will not be shared with anyone else, including other agencies, general medicine physician groups, or the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

The data featured in your confidential MyPractice report are specific to your practice and are intended to help you better understand your patients and how you can better support them.

Yes, this report can help you earn credits towards the Maintenance of Certification Program. The activity can be claimed under “Section 3: Practice Assessment” and you will receive three credits per hour. Please note that this may include the time spent receiving feedback and reflecting on the feedback.

General medicine physicians in staff positions at hospitals participating in the General Medicine Quality Improvement Network receive personalized and confidential MyPractice reports. Reports are emailed to your hospital-affiliated email account to ensure confidentiality.

If your hospital is not part of the General Medicine Quality Improvement Network, you can find more information here, or please email

The methods and processes developed to extract the data for the MyPractice: General Medicine reports were developed as part of the General Medicine Inpatient Initiative (GEMINI).

To generate your personalized report, clinical and administrative data were extracted from your hospital’s electronic medical records systems and the following administrative databases: the National Ambulatory Care Reporting System (NACRS) database for emergency department visits; the Discharge Abstract Database (DAD) for hospitalization records; and the Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) system.

All data in the report are confidential and secure, containing no identifiable patient-level data or personal health information. All data storage, access, and retention procedures associated with the handling and analysis of data adhere to personal health information best practices.

If you have any questions about the security of the data, please contact us at

The MyPractice: General Medicine report was developed by Health Quality Ontario, in consultation with general medicine physicians, scientists, and researchers. These reports build on original research led by Health Quality Ontario’s Provincial Clinical Co-leads, Dr. Amol Verma and Dr. Fahad Razak, to develop a set of methods and indicators specific to general medicine from administrative database and patient records.

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