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Quality standards are sets of concise statements designed to help health care professionals easily and quickly know what care to provide, based on the best evidence.

See below for a summary of the quality standard or download it for more detailed statements.

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Quality Statement 1: Routine Eye Examination and Comprehensive Glaucoma Assessment
People at risk for glaucoma receive a routine eye examination. People suspected of having glaucoma, based on the routine eye examination, receive a comprehensive glaucoma assessment.

Quality Statement 2: Monitoring
People with glaucoma or at risk for glaucoma are monitored on an appropriate reassessment schedule, according to their current stage of disease and risk of progression to vision impairment.

Quality Statement 3: Information
Eye care providers speak with people with glaucoma or at risk for glaucoma about their diagnosis, prognosis, and management, and offer them relevant and accessible information about their condition at initial and subsequent visits.

Quality Statement 4: Referral and Timely Access to an Ophthalmologist
People with glaucoma are referred to and have timely access to an ophthalmologist for consultation, when clinically indicated.

Quality Statement 5: Medications and Laser Therapy
People with glaucoma or at risk for glaucoma are offered medications or laser therapy when clinically indicated.

Quality Statement 6: Incisional Surgery
People with glaucoma who are at risk of progressing to sight loss despite maximum tolerated medical therapy and laser therapy are offered incisional surgery.

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