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A key strategy for improving orthopaedic surgical care is measurement and feedback to surgeons engaged in improvement and innovation. This information page is to inform you of how measurement of orthopaedic surgical procedures will be conducted through ICES, a third party data institute, and Health Quality Ontario (HQO) and to offer you an opportunity to participate.

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Notification to collect personal information

Your information is collected by HQO under the authority of section 38(2) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) for the purpose of measuring surgical care processes and outcomes. The information you provide will be disclosed to ICES for the data linkages necessary to create the quality indicators HQO provides to you. ICES may also use your information for the purpose of evaluating the MyPractice program. ICES will anonymize your information before using for the above purposes. HQO's disclosure of your information to ICES is consistent with the purpose for which HQO collects your information, and is in accordance with FIPPA.

For more information about the report and what data is involved, please see below. If you have any other questions about the collection of your personal information, please contact the Manager of Evaluation, Health System Performance at (416) 323-6868 or

MyPractice Reports

What is the purpose of MyPractice Reports?

Health Quality Ontario (HQO) provides confidential MyPractice reports to physicians and surgeons to aid in quality improvement. These reports provide personalized data and suggested ideas of improvement for physicians and surgeons to support practice and quality improvement across the province. Some examples are the reports for physicians and surgeons working in hospital, primary care or long-term care. For more information about the MyPractice reports, please go to

What data is involved?

MyPractice reports provide cross-sectional, longitudinal, and comparator data relevant to physicians and surgeons. These are personalized data specific to the physician/surgeon and include different aspects of their practice and may include data on a physician’s/surgeon’s prescribing patterns, patients’ demographics, case mix, and other quality metrics. Information may be provided at the practice, regional and/or provincial levels, and no patient-level data are reported. In order to generate these reports, HQO receives aggregate data (i.e., not patient level information) from ICES.

Your confidential reports will only be provided to you and will not be shared with others, including other agencies or physician/surgeon groups.

The personal information that HQO collects from you will be managed and protected according to the requirements of the HQO privacy policy ( If you have any additional questions about HQO's collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, please contact

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