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Bring Coordinated Care Management to Patients Where They Are Already Accessing Health (or Other) Services

This practice enables providers in a variety of settings where patients access services or care (health care or other) to identify complex patients and connect them to the coordinated care management process. This practice draws upon evidence that bringing care to marginalized populations supports improved access and engagement in care (compared to approaches that require patients to proactively seek out care).

Innovative Practices

Using the Innovative Practices Evaluation Framework, Health Quality Ontario’s Health Links Clinical Reference Group has endorsed the following innovative practice or practices. Please click on the link(s) below to discover the steps for implementation, and to access resources that Health Links have used to successfully implement these practices. 

Innovative Practice

Innovative Practice Assessment*

Clinical Reference Group Endorsement for Spread

Bring coordinated care management to patients where they are already accessing health (or other) services


Provincial spread with reassessment using the Innovative Practices Evaluation Framework* in 1 year (April 2018)

Document Links:

*For more information about the Innovative Practices Evaluation Framework assessments, please go to the following link:

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