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System Performance

Monitoring What Matters

Two health care providers searching for system performance information on a computer in a hospital office

Measuring and publicly reporting on how the Ontario health system is performing, using measures which are called indicators, is a key part of Health Quality Ontario’s mandate. It is important that the vision for health system performance reporting is the most meaningful as possible to patients, other members of the public, and health care providers in Ontario.

Health Quality Ontario continually works to improve the content, timeliness and accessibility of monitoring and publicly reporting because… better has no limit.

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The Common Quality Agenda

A set of indicators to measure health quality in Ontario

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Indicator Library

Technical information on quality indicators; searchable and comparable data

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A doctor searching for quality indicators on her computer

Measuring Up 2016

The 10th anniversary edition of the yearly overview of the health of Ontarians and how the health system is performing

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Front cover of Measuring Up – A yearly report on how the provincial health system is performing

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