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Quality Improvement

Coordinated Care Management for Patients with Mental Health and/or Addictions Conditions

It has been established that coordinated care management is an effective approach to improving the quality of care for patients with complex health and wellness issues. In 2016, Health Quality Ontario collaborated with the provincial Health Links to produce a collection of innovative practices (based on best available evidence and quality improvement data to date) to improve the quality of coordinated care management for Ontarians with complex health and wellness issues. Patients, families, care providers, and system planners identified special considerations for coordinated care management that may be indicated for individuals with mental health and/or addictions conditions. These considerations specifically relate to themes of a) health equity and social determinants of health, b) unique partnerships with social and community services, and c) trust and relationships.

The figure below is an outline of innovative practices that are designed to improve coordinated care management for patients with mental health and addictions conditions. Associated quality statements are highlighted in this visual.

The use of these practices varies significantly across the province. Teams are encouraged to prioritize the implementation of evidence-informed best practices before adoption of the innovative practices outlined in these documents. When considering the adoption of innovations, recommended practices should be considered first, followed by promising practices, and then emerging practices.

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